China Notification

In China prior to the import industrial chemicals need to be notified for risk assessment at the Ministry for Environmental Protection. Our team at Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai Co., Ltd. supports your company in the registration process in order to achieve a quick and successful notification of your chemical or product.

Our services

  • Check of Official Chemical Lists and Inventories, e.g.  Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances in China (IECSC), Draft Catalogue of Hazardous Substances, List of Toxic Chemicals restricted to be imported into China, List of Hazardous Chemicals under Priority Management and the List of Priority Hazardous Chemicals PHC).
  • Inventory check of product portfolio. Industrial companies might be forced to submit an inventory of their own chemicals to the authorities. We assist you in inventorying your product portfolio in compliance with the authority’s requests.
  • translations in to Mandarin if necessary
  • Preparation of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Literature research and data gap analysis
  • Liaising with authorities in Beijing
  • New Chemical Substance Notification (Order No. 7 MEP) incl. technical support Local Agent Service
  • Regulation on Safe Management of Hazardous Chemicals (Decree 591, incl. Order No. 22 MEP)
  • Classification and labelling of substances and mixtures according to CN-GHS
  • Since GHS is not as harmonised as the name promises, we provide compliance checks for your classifications, SDS and labels