Veterinary Medicines

From family pets to farm production veterinary medicines are key to maintaining the health, welfare and productivity of our animals. The MOA Order No. 44 and MOA announcement No. 442 are the guidance for veterinary medicine registration in China. We have experience to help manufacturer to clarify the registration flow of a special product which not stated in regulations, and we also have expertise in depth covering all therapeutic classes, target animal species, product types and delivery routes.

  • Regulatory support of veterinary medicine registration in China
  • Regulatory toxicology support in China
  • Support in all stages of veterinary medicine registration in China
  • Data gap analysis
  • Developing registration and testing strategies
  • Audit, communication and negotiation with administrative licensed laboratories in China
  • Study monitor in China
  • Registration dossier preparation and submission, quality, safety, efficacy
  • Dossier translation