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With Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai we are present in the world's most rapidly growing market. Our office is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai which symbolises the rise of China like no other location: a large number of prominent international companies have settled here within only 20 years.

Local links count

Whereas classification & labelling criteria are moving towards global harmonization through GHS, the different approaches for the registration of chemicals are far from harmonisation. With regard to the scope, the information requirements and the need for a risk assessment, each come with new requirements and duties for the industry. Coping with the regulatory requirements in Asia is challenging. Delay or even disruption of market access is a potential but realistic risk. Regulations are progressing quickly, particularly in the diverse and highly dynamic market of China. Our local employees are familiar with these regulations and offer specialised support throughout the entire registration process. As a local agent Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai is also authorised to independently register chemical substances for non-Chinese companies in China. Through regional cooperation partners such as contract laboratories, we can initiate studies for you directly in China and manage them locally. This enables us to support companies in different ways with their entry into the Chinese market.

As member of the knoell family we have access to a strong network of wide ranging expertise deriving from 18 years of acting for major corporations and medium sized industrial concerns with currently over 450 experts at sites within the EU, Asia and the USA.

Official member of the China Crop Protection Industry Association (CCPIA)


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