Regulatory Ecotoxicology

Ecotoxicology unites ecology and toxicology: the effects of agrochemicals on non-target organisms are an important consideration during the assessment of a submission for registration. A substance’s predicted environmental concentrations (PEC) are compared with its effects on organisms in order to be able to demonstrate a safe use. The organisms tested are representative of the entire ecosystem. The risk assessment is enhanced by modern approaches such as the use of computer-based models to predict effects, and the assessment of potential endocrine disruption.

The ecotoxicological profile of an agrochemical is determined with respect to the following organisms:

  • Birds and mammals
  • Non-target arthropods
  • Aquatic organisms
  • Soil macro-organisms
  • Bees
  • Silk Worm
  • Non-target plants

Our services

  • Data gap analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of the available data
  • Contacts with authorities and experts in the area of ecotoxicology
  • Report writing and preparation of the respective Dossier Section
  • Development of regulatory strategies