Liaising with Authorities

Good communication with authorities is often the basis of a successful registration process. Especially in regions where the written regulations and laws give no detailed information about data requirements and submission procedures contact to authorities is essential. When the local language of the authorities is not spoken by the client it is difficult and time consuming to communicate and to receive news and updates.

We can assist you in liaising with authorities in China, and other countries in Asia. Our international staff in worldwide locations together with our local counterparts can often communicate in local language with authorities in many regions worldwide.

Our scientific knowledge and long term regulatory experience enables us to enter into in-depth discussions with authorities about issues regarding specific substances, future or on-going submissions, and pre- and post submission enquiries.

Our service

  • Contact to local authorities in local language in many countries in Asia and other parts of the world
  • Clarification of regulations and procedures
  • Preparation and submission of documents and dossiers to authorities
  • Pre- and post-submission support
  • In-depth discussion about specific issues of planned and on-going submissions
  • Status request of on-going submissions