Registration in China and Worldwide

China frequently appears as the world’s biggest producer of major cereals and vegetable crops and is thus one of the prime markets for plant protection products. Dr. Knoell Consult Shanghai Co., Ltd. assists your company to achieve a rapid and successful registration of your active substances and products - a key to achieving economic success.

Our services


  • Full registration and project management service in China (new active substance, new formulation, and me-too registration)
  • Report writing and preparation of the respective dossier section
  • Analysis and preliminary assessment of available data incl. check of completeness
  • Strategic consultancy, and registration recommendations
  • Toxicology and human exposure (operators and residents)
  • Dietary risk assessment and residues
  • Modelling / exposure assessment (GIS)
  • Ecotoxicology assessments, incl. higher-tier risk assessment
  • Management and monitoring of relevant studies (residues, efficacy, environmental behavior (E-fate), and (eco-)toxicology)
  • Liaising with authorities and experts: pre- and post-submission support, clarification of specific questions, regulations and procedures


  • Dossier preparation
  • Global Registration (strategy and relative support)