E-fate and Modelling

The environmental fate of an agrochemical covers all of the processes by which the substance is transported and transformed in the environment. These include degradation in soil, water and sediment, sorption to solid materials, leaching through soil and volatilisation into the air. Chinas authority for the registration of agrochemicals ICAMA recently announced modelling will most likely also be employed for risk assessment in the registration of agrochemicals in China.

Our services

  • Development of environmental risk assessment and regulatory strategies
  • Estimation of parameters based on environmental fate studies (e.g. kinetic evaluation of soil degradation studies)
  • Determination of all important substance and scenario parameters for modelling
  • Standard and higher-tier modelling for China (TOPRice, ChinaPEARL, PRAESS and others)
  • Higher-tier modelling strategies
    • Exploratory modelling
    • Customized scenario building
    • GIS-solutions: Research, compilation and processing of spatial data
  • Preparation of environmental risk assessment report for all protection goals
  • Modelling and risk assessment for registration in Europe and New Zealand
  • In-house training”